Herbatint – Normalizing Shampoo – 8.79 oz.


For Color Treated Hair, Rebalances & Strengthens the Hair


Herbatint – Normalizing Shampoo – 8.79 oz. (260 mL)

Herbatint Normalizing Shampoo is rich in aloe vera extracts and strengthens the hair and preserves the color intensity of treated hair. Its unique formula gently cleans, moisturizes and restores the hair’s natural pH balance while gently soothing the scalp. Hair color stays richer and lasts longer. Herbatint’s Normalizing Shampoo is specially formulated for hair stressed by regular coloring treatments or simply dry and weakened.

This natural, herbal-based shampoo brings out the highlights of hair and helps stabilize the color of color-treated hair. Normalizing Shampoo should be used to clean hair before applying a temporary Vegetal Color. Use Normalizing Shampoo after applying permanent Herbatint Color. Though formulated for color-treated hair, Herbatint’s Normalizing Shampoo can be used regularly to keep all hair clean and healthy looking.

Normalizing Shampoo Benefits

  • Gently Cleans, Moisturizes and Restores the Hair’s Natural pH Balance
  • Rebalances and Strengthens the Hair
  • Protects Color and Adds Shine
  • Keeps Hair Clean and Healthy Looking
  • Rich in Aloe Vera Extracts
  • No Parabens
  • No Silicones
  • Gluten Free
  • Cruelty Free

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Herbatint haircolor products different from other hair coloring products?
Most hair coloring products contain up to 20% peroxide. Herbatint contains 3% peroxide, and no ammonia. Herbatint products are made from certified organic herbal extracts, which are easily absorbed into the hair shaft, and leave hair soft, shiny, and healthy.

What is different about the texture of gray hair?
Gray hair is coarse, and often does not hold color applied from most hair color products. Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel successfully colors gray hair because it is made with a combination of certified organic herbal extracts, which are better absorbed by the hair shaft.

What causes hair to turn gray?
As we begin to age, hair begins to lose its natural pigment. The color fades gradually as hair produces less and less pigment.

My hair is just beginning to turn gray. Can I cover the gray without changing my own natural color?
Yes. Most people who color their hair choose a product that allows their hair to remain close to their natural color. Herbatint haircolor products are an excellent for those you want to keep their hair color as close to their natural color as possible. Choose the color closest to your own and no one will be the wiser. Their Semi-permanent color (Vegetal) will wash out gradually with 6-8 shampoos. If you use a dark color over light hair, the color will last longer.

I’m less than 50% gray, but the rest of my hair is faded and drab. No Highlights! No Shine! Is there a way restore vitality and shine to my hair?
Herbatint’s low peroxide (3%), no ammonia color products are a good solution. Their haircolor products gently cover gray, and brightens natural hair color and add rich, lustrous shine. Herbatint haircolor can last up to 4 weeks (until regrowth appears) before retouching colored hair is necessary.

My hair is about 80% gray. I want to lighten what’s left of my natural color and cover the gray in one easy step. Is that possible, and if so, which color would be best to help me achieve that affect?
When hair is more than 30% gray, it requires a permanent haircolor product to cover gray completely. Permanent color can also lighten or alter natural color by one shade.

Should the amount of gray affect the shade I select?
Yes. If you have less than 30% gray and do not want a dramatic color change, chose a shade that matches your natural color. If it is more than 30% gray and you use permanent hair color, the result will be slightly lighter on gray hair, giving an overall lighter affect. (You must use the appropriate amount of the N series.)

Is gray hair more resistant to color?
Yes. Gray hair is coarser and slow to absorb color. That is one reason our Herbatint hair color directions tell you to apply color first to the root area and then to the areas that are gray for 20 minutes. Next, apply color to the ends for the last 10 minutes. That way, you extent the processing time on the new gray hair, and give the color more time to absorb.

I have some gray hair that I find is difficult to color. What do I do to get adequate coverage for my gray hair?
When attempting to cover gray hair, mix more of the natural (N) series of the same level (number) into your formula.


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