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Himalaya Herbal PartySmart Details

Party Smart relieves unpleasant after effects of alcohol. When alcohol is consumed, it is mainly converted into acetaldehyde (an intermediate metablite of alcohol metabolism) by the liver.

The build up of acetaldehyde in the liver results in hangover symptoms such as headache, nausea and vomiting, body ache, burning sensation in stomach, and drowsiness.

Party Smart prevents these hangover symptoms by rapidly eliminating acetaldehyde from blood.

Party Smart enhances acetaldehyde metabolism by increasing ADh (alcohol dehydrogenase) and ALDH (aldehyde dehydrogenase) activity, without any side effects.

PartySmart contains the following Pure Herbal Actives:

King of Bitters (Andrographis paniculata, Bhunimba) (liver protective & stimulant)

King of Bitters is found in Arabia and Western Europe and is used to support the liver. The plant is used for its bitter principles which have liver protection properties.

Grapes (Vitis vinefera, Draksha) (antioxidant)

Since ancient times Indians, Greeks and Arabs have used grapes for their cooling and detoxification properties.

Indian Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis, Amalaki) (antioxidant)

Indian Gooseberry is traditionally used for liver support and liver protection.

Wild Chicory (Cichorium intybus, Kasani) (liver protective and stimulant)

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans have used this plant for centuries. Wild Chicory contains esculetin which possesses liver protective properties.

Dates (Phoenix dactylifera, Kharjura) (helps with morning after symptoms)

Ancient texts state that dates can reverse the actions of any toxic material that a person may be exposed to. This fruit is used in various preparations in Ayurveda. Dates are also useful in helping with morning after symptoms. ß – sitosterol and flavonoids, present in dates, are responsible for its liver-protective activity.

Indian Phyllanthus (Phyllanthus amarus, Bhumyaamlaki) (liver protective & stimulant)

Ancient physicians considered Indian Phyllanthus to be a diuretic and recommended the extract to protect the liver. It contains phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin, which help support liver function.


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