SD’s Tea Original Flavour 30 Tea Bags


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SD’s Tea is a blend of fruit, spices and herbal ingredients formulated to aid weight loss by stimulating regular bowel movements. A traditional Chinese formula this unique tea blend relies upon the stimulating effects of Senna leaf. For over a quarter century in Canada SD’s Tea has been a safe and trusted ally to help people with occasional bouts of constipation.

Directions: Pour one cup (250ml) to two cups of boiling water over one tea bag in a container and cover. Let steep for 2 minutes or longer if stronger infusion is desired. Press tea bag lightly and remove. Drink one cup after dinner.

Active Ingredient: Sennoside A&B (from natural source) 10.5 mg per tea bag when steeped according to directions

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Blend of oriental herbs: orange peel, licorice root, wymote, ginseng, papaya, honeysuckle, chrysantemum, spices, natural flavours.


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